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We Need Your Input!

Calling all Nightlifers,

Hosts, & Curators!

We at Pleasure Island Nightlife love curating, promoting, and talking about our culture here on The Island, but we need your help!! We have agents in the field gathering information, but if you know about anything happening ’round these parts, we are humbly asking you to share what you know! Thank you in advance for your time, we’ll be in touch. Long Live Nightlife! Cheers.

Everything from Happy Hours to Dinner Specials, Karaoke Nights to Live Music!
We want to know who to honor for putting this amazing cultural gathering together! Venue, brand, company, name, etc...
Where is this "shindig" going down? If it moves, and has multiple locations, let us know here!
How often do we celebrate?
What kind of gathering are we talking about?
Select each/all related
("ASAP" for the obvious, One Time events just the "date of" obviously...)
Expected/Potential Guest Count: 150
To better describe, promote, & appropriatly push traffic... Just an estimate is plenty or an exact cap if you have one.
Anything we need to know to help tell The World what's happening! Please include links to relevant media. Give us the "Elevator Pitch!"
We want to help guest find them as easily as possible!
Just so we can stay in touch.
So we at Pleasure Island Nightlife can better promote and curate the event! (Maybe talk ticket sales or just special promotional ideas.)
We are capable of a lot more than just hosting a public calendar. Please let us know if we can help bring recognition to your local community event in any way. Cheers neighbor!
Pretty straight forward :).
Name, if you are so obliged, pseudonym will suffice. Nothing required

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