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Gotta Love a Proper Jam Night

A short recap of my experience last week [3/30/24], and why you have to stop in one night. This is one of our Island’s true nightlife gems!

Sittin’ here in our local brewery, Big Beach Brewing, we are gathered with some of our favorite artists in town enjoying the best jam session on The Island. Our good friend, Austin Thompson, front man of Funky Lampshades, does such a great job leading a group of talented musicians thru an open jam session tucked in the corner of a cozy little brewery. It’s really worth droppin’ by and experiencing for yourself, and don’t be shy, if you fancy bringing your chosen instrument, he’s always been very welcoming to any one who wants to join. Tonight’s line-up includes multiple drummers trading off, a pair of bassists, and a pair of saxophonists, alto & tenor, and I have to admit, if y’all know me, that’s my favorite! No funky groove is complete without the jazzy melodies of a beautiful saxophone!

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Very nice, they just took on a kind of Tool-vibe and it’s a “bop”. The room is full and looks like everyone is enjoying what the gents are doing. The bass player is killin’ it. Let’s have another round! Let’s just be honest for a bit, the jam nights here are one of the best gems you have to experience. It’s very fun to listen & watch the guys feed off each other and communicate thru their instruments to keep the groove going. The crowd is very responsive and it has the hidden funky jazz club feel to it, like an industry Listening Room kind of vibe. Great talent, tasty local brewed beer, and familiar faces all around (gotta love when friends drop by your table just to say hey and show some love!) If or when you are in Gulf Shores, you have to put Tuesday night’s Jam Session at Big Beach Brewing on your schedule. You won’t regret it, promise. Austin Thompson & Company do a stellar job, no cover music here, and that’s what we love about it!

JAM NIGHT @ Big Beach Brewing Co.

[Follow Austin Thompson for updates regarding Jam Night & more with his band Funky Lampshades!]

Our little Island truly has a lot to offer in artistic talent, you just have to know where to look for it. Behind the Country cover bands and Jimmy style Island music designed to cater to the restaurant crowds, there’s a good crew of funky, “jammy” alternative musicians crushing sets at some of our favorite dive bars and of course, this brewery. You can even find some great dance music from some local DJs that love to get the room movin’, but that’s not what this little article is about, we love Jam Night! Just in time, here comes Charlie Wilson on acoustic to add to the vibe. I’ve felt very spoiled growing up around all these artists, and the fact they make us all feel like family just adds to the energy! I feel like I’ve shook this tree plenty to express what a unique experience we want everyone to come be a part of, so I’ll leave you with this, One, two, three, JAM NIGHT!

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