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Mystics of Pleasure Recap!

What a spectacular night! Parades always seem to have that, “over the top,” celebration energy and I love and feed off of it. To make it extra special, personally, I happened to run into some old friends of mine that have always been a source of true authenticity for me. They were set up with their golf cart and kids right at the perfect spot along the route. So it goes without saying, I was excited just to catch up, much less experience the crowd and parade!

As you would expect, the revelers were doing their job, ” to a T.” Motorcycles “revving”, bands with their cadences, speakers booming, and riders slingin’ throws! The Mystics of Pleasure runs a straight shot route from the 1st Phoenix Condos to the 161 intersection, so there’s no hacking the loop and catching it twice, or thrice, like we did as kids in Mobile. The birthplace of this fantastically over-the-top tradition!

I’ll have to say, the allowance of Golf Carts in town sure has ramped up the number of them showing up on the route, and honestly is one of the greatest hacks to get in and out of an area like that, especially when traffic is blocked for the parade, but boy does that not slow anyone down from trying to get out of there as soon as the fire truck rolls past. You’d think something actually caught fire. Anyways, I tried to catch a picture of most all the floats and will include them here if you weren’t able to make it!

We’ve got one more day, and it’s the Fat One! I highly recommend the experience to everyone in town, kids to great grandparents, don’t be shy, come join us on the streets for the biggest community party all year! Thank you to The Mystics of Pleasure for investing in such a great parade, and all who were involved, from the local High School bands, to the parents, and the officers who made sure everyone stayed safe! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Thank you for a great parade, Mystics of Pleasure! Orange Beach, Alabama!

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